Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Superman update

What, not finished him yet? Yes yes, I know, H's 4th birthday was back in April. I hadn't finished him by the night before, all that hand applique was sooo fiddly! In hindsight, I should perhaps have looked for a sew on superman S patch to put on his belly. Instead I painstakingly copied the shapes off the pc, outlined them onto the felt, snipped it out and hand stitched the red onto the yellow. For baby superman I did get lazy and bought a regular S shape.


I still need to do his cape and I forgot to sew a yellow strip along the top of his pocket, but hey, H won't mind I'm sure. H hasn't asked after him because we managed to fuel his current obsession on his birthday by buying some him some transformers. That boy is transformer mad. However, Superman will be finished in the near future, my big sis is coming for a flying visit so she might motivate mine butt. Hopefully.

This is the sis of quilt fame. And this one is hers too.

1 comment:

ms lottie said...

Superman is looking good!! And lucky you - when do I get a flying visit?!

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