Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keeping heads up in the chaos

Life has continued to be maniacally busy lately, with Mr H turning the big 5.

 That coincided with several family members arriving from out-of-state so it was the perfect opportunity to throw together a family only party. 

Hot on the heels of that was a late night cupcake baking blitz for pre-school, and coming up this weekend  is a combined birthday party with some of the kids in our Mother's Group. 

 Family are visiting again from interstate this weekend so our couch is being given a new lease of life as a bed, and hubby is away overnight on a golf trip.....great timing that one, ha!

Add to that, Mr I-just-turned-2 is doing without his daytime nap more often than not. 

And sadly, we have a funeral to go to on Tuesday.
Our friend's 8 year old boy died last week, after being in and out of hospital for much of his life. 
The family were nursing him at home and he went quietly in his sleep.
Very, very sad. His story is here...Ethan's Blog.

I look at my two healthy, robust little boys and thank the Lord I have been so fortunate.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back in our wee home again...

We had a fabulous 2 weeks house sitting at the mansion, we've been home nearly a week now but since I left my camera cable there, I've waited until I got it back before posting.

Well, I had been planning to get all up to date on my blogs while I was there, but despite having every convenience known to man (and woman), the internet connection at said mansion was..........well, completely crap actually.

So hardly any internetting was happening at all, just as well there were many other things to occupy my time with.
Although I think I substituted watching tv instead of logging on (they have foxtel: America's hardest prisons, anyone?) hardly productive but fun nonetheless.

So, we....

dressed up

went swimming

had friends over

ate at somewhere other than our small wooden kids table


hung around outside in the altogether (well, one of us did)

created (think star wars battle droid, come on, use your imaginations!)

buried and dug up dinosaur fossils

made some fabulously coloured how it matches the cutting boards? Ha!

and were very glad the dogs didn't have fleas.

Now we're back home it's kindergarten, gymnastics, swimming lessons and NO daycare....yes, I've given up my one free day a week, watch me stay sane.........

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