Sunday, December 5, 2010

See how my garden grows

I have lots of things (successfully) growing in the garden this season.

Two of these little guys, pumpkins, bought from my lovely farmer's market for $2 a piece. I can't remember what sort they are, something stripy I think. I stopped to talk to their grower today, he was full of good tips.

My orange tree, with exactly one baby orange, thanks to an enthusiastic 2 year old.

Lots of tomatoes, most grown from seed, this one brought home by the boys from a (free!) planting class at out local garden center. I do have one tigerella bought home from the market, it was reduced and is not looking too happy yet.

Blueberries of course, which my 2 year old delights in picking whenever he spies a ripe one. We have decided to go berry picking this year, as it will a long time (and involve more plants) before we can grow enough berries to satisfy demand.

Ditto the above for these raspberries, except I'm sure both boys will fight to see who gets to these first. I haven't netted these yet.

Curly parsley. I know it's not fashionable but I love it.

A few green beans just showing (not sure what sort as Mr 5 bought these home from preschool).

And I'm very chuffed with my lemon tree, this little fella I put in the ground 7 years ago when we bought this house, and this is the first year it has had more than 3 lemons on it.......3 was last years record.
This year it is literally covered in them. It has an infestation of gall wasps which make it rather odd shaped but I've been told they should not affect the lemon production. But I think this year is the first year the tree has been big enough (it's still rather small for 7 years old) and strong enough to really withstand the wasps and produce.
Admittedly, I have been actually looking after it, rather than ignoring it this year.

And, er, the basil, which is not looking too hot.
I think because it is too hot, I need to move it.

As well as two mini nectarine trees hidden round the back to give to the boys at Christmas.
Mr 5 always asks for his own tree so I thought kill two birds with one stone....a Christmas gift for the boys with a practical application for the whole family.

As long as I remember to water them being that they're out of my regular sight...

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