Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life is keeping me busy...

Here it is in pictures:

Making butter with Spiderman and sidekick...

Water balloons when its 12 degrees C out... 

Lunch in a tree...

A much bigger tree..

The coolest gloves in the world...
(ask my sis for the pattern)

Adventures in paint...

Scootering sans helmets...
(the lack of helmets has since been remedied)

And two little monsters monkeying around.

Add to that lot losing my 2 year old at the farmer's market.
I turned around and he wasn't there.
Surely he's here? Behind that person? Hiding behind the pram? Gone to look at the miniature ponies?
I sent my brother in one direction and I went in the other.

We both came back having not found him. Huh? Where could he have gone?
The car park the market is held in is in a straight line, so really he could only have headed left or right.
Both directions eventually head to really busy roads.

Sent my brother into the building they leave open for the facilities and I went back to the end I'd already been to.
Could not see him. Starting to panic now.
One of the stallholders told me to grab a staff member and get on the PA.
I was just doing this when the cupcake lady walked up leading him by the hand.
She told me he was just wandering, she knew I'd lost him so she nabbed him.

Little bugger wasn't even upset. Though if he had been standing in the middle bawling loudly he would have been found much faster. He has now been schooled to stand right where he is and loudly call for mummy if he can't see me.


I don't think he purposely wandered off, he's not the type to do a runner. However, I was wearing a different coat than I have before, so I think he looked away, then didn't recognise the back view of me
amongst the other folks at that stall when he turned back.

 Then today, at the public pool we go to for lessons for Mr 5.
Do I even need to tell you what he did there?
Lets just say they had to drain the hydrotherapy pool, raise the floor and put out the 'closed for cleaning' sign.

Oh yeah. 'Nuff said.

Life with kids. Gotta love it.
(And I do, really, just gotta poke fun at it too :0)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A can 'o' worms

Next on my to-do list is something to feed my new babies with.

I bought this beautiful set up from my local council and put it up in a dim corner of my front yard.

I thought the kids might enjoy it but I'm the one obsessively checking my new pets, they are fascinating little guys. Peel back the circle of carpet I've cut to fit on top of them and see them run for cover! Well, squirm and heave for cover is perhaps more correct. Maybe I'll take of photo of them next time, I know you want to see my half eaten kitchen scraps crawling with worms.

Actually, I might get me another box of them there wormies, the literature tells me they should eat about 500gm of kitchen scraps a day, but we seem to generate more than that. 

Next: when I was at the farmer's market last week, I bought a feijoa tree.
And I lost my 2 yr old.
But here's the feijoa tree:
(And the 2 yr old turned up too, more about that another time but I am sporting a few new gray hairs.) 

Yes, very glamorous looking isn't it?
This little guy can apparently live happily in a pot, as long as remember to I prune it. 
Obviously, a bigger pot will be needed at some stage and MAYBE one day I'll get to plant it in the ground.

Here's Mr 5's cyclamen he picked out last week, isn't it geeeeorgeous?

And today we tootled back to the garden centre (it was cold and raining and they have an indoor playground AND a cafe, it's a winner all round!) to pick up some tulip and anemone bulbs. 

Looking forward to getting down and dirty tomorrow, our one full day with no swimming lessons, gymnastics or pre-school, woooo!
Down and dirty in the garden, that is. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

A favour from the bloggy world, please?

I know a mum on the other side of the world to me, who's 3rd baby is due in August. 
She, Cadi, is a single mum with 2 boys and she's a second grade teacher to boot. 

Earlier this year, this mum's partner passed away, just three weeks after they found out they were expecting a baby.

I found Cadi through my sister, when she put a call out to the blogosphere for an Aussie to please send a 20c coin for her son's project on the platypus.

I happily obliged.

As a delightfully unexpected thank you, Cadi is knitting my two boys pilot hats,
and no, they won't be pink as per the above link!

You can find her blog and read her story here: MaeheGirl. 

The favour

Cadi has been nominated for the Dream Baby Shower
by her cousin. 

There are some lovely prizes to be won, massages and a photo session for a new bub among other things.

The winner is generated by votes and votes can come from anywhere in the world. 

Now, Cadi has not asked me to put this out here for all to see, but when I found out she had been nominated for the Dream Baby Shower I wanted to help out in some way.

So if you are so inclined, please send a vote her way. 
Voting opens Saturday 5th June.

 She is listed under her legal name of Claudia Thomas

Scroll down the page at the above link to find the nominees, they are listed in alphabetical order under last name.

Thank you to everyone.

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