Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life is keeping me busy...

Here it is in pictures:

Making butter with Spiderman and sidekick...

Water balloons when its 12 degrees C out... 

Lunch in a tree...

A much bigger tree..

The coolest gloves in the world...
(ask my sis for the pattern)

Adventures in paint...

Scootering sans helmets...
(the lack of helmets has since been remedied)

And two little monsters monkeying around.

Add to that lot losing my 2 year old at the farmer's market.
I turned around and he wasn't there.
Surely he's here? Behind that person? Hiding behind the pram? Gone to look at the miniature ponies?
I sent my brother in one direction and I went in the other.

We both came back having not found him. Huh? Where could he have gone?
The car park the market is held in is in a straight line, so really he could only have headed left or right.
Both directions eventually head to really busy roads.

Sent my brother into the building they leave open for the facilities and I went back to the end I'd already been to.
Could not see him. Starting to panic now.
One of the stallholders told me to grab a staff member and get on the PA.
I was just doing this when the cupcake lady walked up leading him by the hand.
She told me he was just wandering, she knew I'd lost him so she nabbed him.

Little bugger wasn't even upset. Though if he had been standing in the middle bawling loudly he would have been found much faster. He has now been schooled to stand right where he is and loudly call for mummy if he can't see me.


I don't think he purposely wandered off, he's not the type to do a runner. However, I was wearing a different coat than I have before, so I think he looked away, then didn't recognise the back view of me
amongst the other folks at that stall when he turned back.

 Then today, at the public pool we go to for lessons for Mr 5.
Do I even need to tell you what he did there?
Lets just say they had to drain the hydrotherapy pool, raise the floor and put out the 'closed for cleaning' sign.

Oh yeah. 'Nuff said.

Life with kids. Gotta love it.
(And I do, really, just gotta poke fun at it too :0)


em + woz said...

Oh gosh, draining the pool is my worst nightmare. Can't imagine the humiliation!

And losing your toddler would have to be pretty scary too! Glad to hear he was safe and sound ... with the cupcake lady no less. That should have been the first place to look with the amount of cupcake love that goes on in your house!

ms lottie said...

I love that pic of R with the balloons. He looks like he means business!

I lost O at the Farmer's market once too - talk about raising panic.

And I'm not even going to comment on the pool incident...!

Moderate Means said...

I would be so panicked!! I'm so glad all is well! Okay, so maybe the hydrotherapy pool isn't well ;)


Cat J B said...

Hehe Stacy - no, the hydrotherapy pool needed some therapy for sure!

Lottie - R with balloons means business. You see, he has an elder brother to emulate...sigh...

Em -you think I'd learn, re the pool. This is the 2nd time it's happened! The first was quite a while ago and he was wearing those fitted bathers that tie at the top and keep everything in. Blerk. This time he was in boardies. Double blerk.

Kath Lockett said...

Love the second photo - awesome Ninja pose!

We trained Sapphire very early to find the information counter in supermarkets if she couldn't find us. We taught her too well - Love Chunks heard his name called out over the PA about ten seconds later!

River said...

I lost a two year old in a K Mart once. She walked out of the store next to a pram that looked exactly like ours. Scary moment for sure.

Cat J B said...

Yep, I have 2 ninjas in training I think!

River - I can't imagine the feeling of losing a young child in a shopping mall or large store. At least the farmers market to me is a pretty benign sort of place, and I know a lot of the people there now and they know me and my kids, by sight anyway. It could have been worse.

Johnnie said...

Love the fingerless gloves, and the boys... too cute for words. Following you back from FFF.

m.e (Cathie) said...

life with kids is definitely amazing..and full of adventure!
how are you coping with the holidays ♥

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