Sunday, July 4, 2010

School holidays are kicking my butt!

Two weeks of school holidays and oh boy, I now see why many parents breathe a sigh of relief when school goes back. Not that my kids are even in school yet, so what hope do I have when they are??

Mr 5 has 12 hours of preschool a week, not a heck of a lot, but just enough to give us some breathing room. Add to that a weekly gymnastics class and swimming lessons and the week starts to actually seem very busy.

And now, two WHOLE weeks of time to ourselves.

Which I thought would be great, the kids seemed a bit over being told to hurry up and get your shoes on/find your hat/go and pee/grab your goggles/where's your drink bottle/I TOLD you to do it five minutes ago/quick/hurry! etc. But the boys (and I) are all getting on each other's nerves, what with too much inside-time due to winter and no other kids his own age/strength for Mr 5 to bounce off.

I actually feel like I've started a new job. This is the first time I've had both kids home ALL THE TIME. Last school hols they were both still in daycare one full day a week. No longer.

So my plan for next school holidays:

Buy (ahead of time) 1 million glue sticks for the hot glue gun.
Buy 10 rolls of sticky tape.
Stock up on cardboard boxes and random sheets of styrofoam. 
Have a few meals in the freezer.
Have cookie dough ready to go, in the freezer.
Have a giant stack of new library books.
Have all bike/pram tires and footballs pumped up.
Fence that darn front yard.
 (Proving to be more difficult than originally thought, due to the planning amendment that needs to be amended...)

That's all that comes to mind right now.

My butt has been saved for next week however, we are again (unexpectedly) house sitting the mansion.

And that follows on from a free weekend (actually last weekend) at the snow!
Ok, so it was just free accommodation, but still, that's usually a very exxcy part of a snow trip.
And it did actually snow, though it was still technically low season by a few days.
Mr 5 was in H.E.A.V.E.N.

We're hoping to get back there this season and up the slopes ourselves, which I haven't done since I was preggers with Mr 5. Yoiks!

Aren't they cute?

So, on the menu for this week is....

a zoo trip (we're 20 minutes closer to the zoo from the mansion, so yay for that)
cookie making
walking the dogs - both kids loooove to do that
a play date or two - all our friends love to visit us at the mansion
orange and lemon gathering, from trees around the border of the mansion property
lots of tree climbing/trampolining/scooter riding/sandpit digging
kumquat wars (the mansion driveway is lined with kumquats that go uncollected)

Deep breath....
See you on the other side!!


ms lottie said...

First day of school hols and I couldn't send the wee one off to daycare while big bro was at home. So we just did the library, the groceries, sushi for lunch and a quick visit to a friends house and now they are sitting down watching BadJelly the Witch. I think I've survived most of day one.

Kath Lockett said...

Gorgeous photos!

School holidays can be hit and miss, unfortunately. These particulary holidays have been a 'hit' for us so far, but we've had a few misses in our time as well!

louisalowry said...

First official day of school hols yesterday and the boy let me and his big sisters sleep in till 8.30!! We're catching up on optometrists, doctors, libraries and all those mundane things. Lots of outside play, tree planting with hubbies's work on Friday and hockey clinics next week. All good so far.

Cadi said...

I think you are missing the role of duct tape... for when they are too chatty. :-) (Just kidding!)

I finished one of the hats. I want to send it to you before making the second one, because I tend to be way off with sizing. There's a picture on my blog. Let me know if you hate it. If you think it's okay & wearable, please e-mail me your address to chocolatelilies [at] gmail [dot] com.

Summer holidays this year are May 28th - September 7th. Imagine that! :-)

Cat J B said...

Hehe, yep, maybe I should get me some duct tape for my two chatter boxes.

Good luck to all those on school holidays!

And Cadi, the hat is gorgeous, thank you!

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