Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ooh, lookey what I got!

The sweetest little hat in the entire world!

Well, technically it's for one of my boys, as you can see:

(Isn't he CUTE?)

This is a pilot hat, from the lovely Cadi over at MaeheGirl.

One more, because I love the way this hat makes my 2 1/4 yr old look like the baby he still really is, at barely 2 years old. 

And another...not sure what that pout was over, but see, he really is just a baby.
 At just 2 years old and all 17 kilos of him, oof.

And the big guy had to try it on too, of course...

It is a beautifully made little gem, and will be one of those things you hang onto once the kids have grown out of it, unless I have a special little person around to gift it to.

Cadi is a very talented knitter and has some amazing projects on her blog, go take a look!

Thanks Cadi, we looove it!


Cadi said...

I'm glad you do.
#2 comin' up...

Very sweet pictures of your kiddos!

Kath Lockett said...

He looks like a cute little baby birdie!

ms lottie said...

Oh, he IS cute!! So's the bigger version. And the hat is gorgeous too - Cadi's knitting is devine isn't it?

louisalowry said...


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