Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A can 'o' worms

Next on my to-do list is something to feed my new babies with.

I bought this beautiful set up from my local council and put it up in a dim corner of my front yard.

I thought the kids might enjoy it but I'm the one obsessively checking my new pets, they are fascinating little guys. Peel back the circle of carpet I've cut to fit on top of them and see them run for cover! Well, squirm and heave for cover is perhaps more correct. Maybe I'll take of photo of them next time, I know you want to see my half eaten kitchen scraps crawling with worms.

Actually, I might get me another box of them there wormies, the literature tells me they should eat about 500gm of kitchen scraps a day, but we seem to generate more than that. 

Next: when I was at the farmer's market last week, I bought a feijoa tree.
And I lost my 2 yr old.
But here's the feijoa tree:
(And the 2 yr old turned up too, more about that another time but I am sporting a few new gray hairs.) 

Yes, very glamorous looking isn't it?
This little guy can apparently live happily in a pot, as long as remember to I prune it. 
Obviously, a bigger pot will be needed at some stage and MAYBE one day I'll get to plant it in the ground.

Here's Mr 5's cyclamen he picked out last week, isn't it geeeeorgeous?

And today we tootled back to the garden centre (it was cold and raining and they have an indoor playground AND a cafe, it's a winner all round!) to pick up some tulip and anemone bulbs. 

Looking forward to getting down and dirty tomorrow, our one full day with no swimming lessons, gymnastics or pre-school, woooo!
Down and dirty in the garden, that is. 


louisalowry said...

I would love to have a feijoa tree, but it would NOT survive in a pot here, which is where it would have to be until we sort out where we'll end up living. However my citrus are quite happy in pots, the lemon has about twenty on it at the moment!!

Debbie said...

I love, love, love cyclamen! We had them at our wedding and it was beautiful.

ms lottie said...

Yum yum yum. All this talk of citrus and feijoas are making me hungry. (And I've realised I haven't bought any citrus in my list of 700 trees to plant this we'll make that 705).

Shandy Jo said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you too, now. I have a total brown thumb so maybe the worms would be a good idea, they could eat all my failed gardening projects. LOL!

River said...

I had trees in pots, but they got too big for me to manage, so I donated the lot to my local community garden. They're ecstatic. Love the cyclamen.

Annette Piper said...

Ooopsy on losing the 2 year old. But that happens ;)

Kath Lockett said...

I tried my first feijoa only about a month ago and fell in love with them.

Are they hard to grow?

Cat J B said...

I love cyclamens too, one day I'll have a big deciduous tree and plant lots of cyclamens underneath it.

About the 2 yr old....I turned round and he wasn't there. I think he hadn't recognised my legs (his head height!) as I was wearing a different coat than usual and went off to look for me. He turned up after about 5 minutes....longest 5 minutes of my life.

Kath...feijoas are often used as hedging in the burbs, so I think they need very little attention in general, sometimes I find fruit lying on the footpath,mmmm.

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