Saturday, May 22, 2010

On the to-do list....

Ok, well I'm somewhat over my conniption fit and am managing to ignore the fact that we're supposed to be in house-buying mode.

Instead, I tackled one of the things I've been wanting to do at our 'new' house.....

I bought these two little guys:

Baby blueberry trees, already with little nubs that will apparently turn into real blueberries, if I can keep the birds off them.

They should grow to around 1 metre high and will do fine in pots, so that's where I intend to keep them.

The boys came with me to the garden centre, so not only did we come away with the blueberries and the recommended azalea mix for planting them in, we also brought home a flowering cyclamen for Mr 5, some flowering violas for Mr 2, 2 pairs of kid sized gardening gloves, 3 trowels and 2 miniature spray bottles.

But that's ok.

Mr 5 is always pestering me to buy flowers, so now he has his own.

Mr 2 is so taken with his flowers that they are residing on a stool beside his bed tonight.

Mr 5 hates getting his hands dirty, so with his gloves he will hopefully get into the dirt with me instead of just instructing me how to do it while watching from the sidelines.

Mr 2 loves to get dirty so his gloves are really just for show.

And we had no trowels, so now we have three.

And the spray bottles? 

For spraying each other, of course!

I also got rid of some things on freecycle and have more being picked up tomorrow, and that's strangely a very uplifting feeling.

Onwards and upwards! 


Moderate Means said...

We had berries at our first house - loved it! I hope yours flourish :)

ms lottie said...

You go, girl. My blueberry is in a pot and was for about four years before we got out here. I'l be planting it out this winter. Hope yours don't need to stay in their pots that long.xx

Kath Lockett said...

Just read this article and the one below it, CatJB. Your approach is brilliant and may the blueberries grow to epic proportions for you!

Cat J B said...

Thanks girls. My blueberries are looking happy and I'm focusing on the now, rather than the future. :)

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