Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trying to Let. It. Go.

I've been having some 'moments' lately. 

Moments when I need to take a great big breath, roll my eyes (inwardly), bite my tongue and Let. It. Go.

And it doesn't even involve the kids.

It involves house buying....or more to the point, NOT house buying despite being offered the more than perfect opportunity house wise, price wise and location wise.

And it involves my nearest and dearest.

We have a five year old who needs to be enrolled in school for next next year, so to my mind, getting this house thing sorted out needs to become our priority. We will be changing suburbs, so enrolling him in school round here does not make much sense.

But, apparently, everything in life needs to be in PERFECT ORDER before you can buy a house. 
If everything is not in PERFECT ORDER, the house cannot be bought despite being practically handed to you on a plate.

(Keep in mind the market is HOT, supply is very limited, prices are higher every time I turn around and we have been house hunting for over 18 months.)


I can either create World War 3 in our house and potentially in our marriage


I can Let. It. GO.

Let It Go.

See? There it goes.

Instead I will get a quote to fence the front so the kids can go outside by themselves.
(Something we never did because of the supposedly short term nature of our stay here.)

I will build some raised garden beds so I can grow some veggies.
(Never done, same reason as above.)

I will plant another lemon tree alongside the shared driveway and take drastic action on my current lemon tree which looks very forlorn. I've been itching to plant more fruit trees at our 'new place' but will make space here instead.

I will free-cycle some things I was planning on selling because I would like more

And I will enroll my five year old in the local school. 

Deep breath. Deep breath.


Cadi said...

Yikes. Letting go is sooooo hard! Sigh. Hugs to you & lots of lettin' go energy...


ms lottie said...

Aw, Sis. Big virtual hugs. And you know, sometimes World War III gets things done...?!

m.e (Cathie) said...

ohhh CAt!
I hope you can take a deep breath & hopefully things will happen soon.
maybe that's just the type of person he is & needs to have control over some things before proceeding with others.
deep breath lovely, deep breath
hugs to you ♥

Annette Piper said...

Ah yes. Sometimes you find agree to something, find the perfect thing that fits the bill and then they go no. For no apparent rhyme or reason. I guess we do it to them too, so unfortunately we have to take it on the chin sometimes too.

louisalowry said...

Hey, if you have to move Mr H in a school year - don't stress - they do adapt (we might not, though!!). My eldest and youngest have become so much more adept at making friends and fitting in, and their self confidence has grown because of our moves over the past three years. Deep will happen when it happens. Hugs and kisses!!

Cat J B said...

Aww, thanks all you lovely people for your understanding, I have teary eyes right now, it's wonderful to know there are people out there who understand and sympathise and offer virtual hugs and shoulders to scream on lol.

WW3 is not my style, I did it once pre-kids and felt so physically dreadful afterwards...and got sick too....that I think that style of thing goes sooo against the grain of who I am that my body rebels..

Cathie, I think you're right, that is just the sort of person he is.

Supremely frustrating, but I'll get through it.

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