Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just one of those days really....

Today has been one of those days. 

You know, one of THOSE days.

The boys were at it before breakfast, as my eldest just seemed to have climbed out of the wrong side of bed.

But eventually I got everyone sorted, hubby off to work with a packed lunch, kids happy doing DIFFERENT activities at OPPOSITE ends of our very small house and it seemed the perfect time to jump quickly in the shower.

OK, now a TMI warning, people....I think my brothers read this blog....this warning is for you....skip over the next paragraph and pick again at the purple text......consider yourself warned.....

I'm in the shower, trying to remove my Diva cup. Follow the link if you don't know what that is and want to know....remember the TMI warning!
(Actually I have a lunette but it's the same thing.)
And it took me about 20 minutes to get the darned thing out, I kid you not.
I thought it was gone for good.

Ok, any sensitive readers, it's safe to come back now 

And during this 20 minute time window the kids had migrated from their opposite corners of the house and were raiding my desk drawer. 
Which I had cleverly forgotten to lock.
So there were push pins all over the floor and the kids were fighting over who got the pedometer and there was stickytape over everything.
Eh, that part's fairly normal.

But then I combed out the freshly washed bad haircut.
And it's clearly obvious it's a BAD haircut.
You know when you've had your hair cut and you're thinking hmmmm, I'll just have to wash it myself and then we'll see how it looks?
Well, I got it cut last week and it wasn't my regular gal and the cut wasn't quite right.
So I went back last night for a bit more off (I have thick, longish, wavyish hair and if it's cut right, it's wash 'n' wear, which is perfect for me)
And this morning after washing it I realised it had gone from a not-quite-right cut to a really awful cut.

Think, a cross between this 
and this
but more mullety looking.
So I spent the morning catching glimpses of myself in the mirror and alternating between laughing helplessly and thinking oh crap oh crap.

Which probably didn't help the mood in the house, as I had to drag the kids apart every 5 minutes, despite the fact that I'd just set up 2 separate cubbies for them to muck about in, taking over approximately half the house. They still managed to find their way into each other's pockets.

At the point when they were finally playing independently of each other, and me, it was of course time to pack up for Mr 5's swimming lesson.
Mr 5 DOES NOT like to be dragged off to a lesson of any sort when he's knee deep in bionicles, so declarations of "I am NOT going to my lesson" were to be heard as I bundled them out to the car. 

We all got in for a 'fun' swim before the lesson started, with me giving the "10 minutes to lesson", "5 minutes to lesson" countdown that parents know so well.

Well, lesson time rolled around and Mr 5 was NOT going to his lesson. It didn't help that his regular teacher wasn't there and there was a ring-in. Of course that would happen today.

Eventually, after threats and bribery, which were rendered  partially useless by the fact that Mr 5 kept repeatedly sliiiiiiiiding himself under the water whenever I turned my head to keep Mr 2 in view, he went to his lesson. Reluctantly.
Mr 2 is quite confident in the water despite the fact that he is submerged up to his chin and would be submerged nearly up to his nose except he bounces along on his toes to keep his cute little face out of the water. It's very funny to watch and a few mum's commented on his water confidence today, but I also notice I have the fairly close attention of the lifeguards.
Probably not helped by Mr 5 sliiiiiiding under the water and looking like he's drowning.

So, lesson over, more 'fun' swimming and two time-outs-sitting-on-a-chair-at-the-side-of-the-pool for Mr 5.

At that point I gave up any pretense of being in control and let them stay in the pool for about 2 hours, until we all resembled very old prunes.
And none of this did the bad haircut any good at all.

Add in the meltdowns...plural....before dinner and at bed time from an emotionally over wrought and over-tired Mr 5 and it's all over for the day, except I still have to wake up with the bad haircut again tomorrow.

Oh crap oh crap oh crap. Helpless laughter.

Then I remember the funeral I went to yesterday and am just thankful that my kids are here at all.


Kath Lockett said...

Hair grows out - I keep telling myself this because I too got a stinky-like-poo haircut the other day and wondering whether I should just go even shorter and get all the evidence cut out!

louisalowry said...

Okay, now my sides hurt from laughing too much. My sympathy on the bad day - their cousins can sympathise as mummy completely lost her temper yesterday, and let fly about the lack of respect (interpret as homework wars - just you wait!!) and lack of help around the house. Haircuts? About once a year for me at the moment.

Cat J B said...

Ever had a buzz cut Kath, maybe now's the time? (If you do, we need pictorial evidence!)

Glad I could entertain, Lou, today has been immeasurably better.

Moderate Means said...

I can just imagine the panic of the Diva moment. Are you giving it another go or trying something else?


Cat J B said...

Stacy, I will give it another go, this was the 3rd month of intermittent use. I have sought some advice off some regular forum users though, I'm a bit nervous!

Annette Piper said...

Oh dear. I have weeks like that - they're not good. I hope the children were nice to you yesterday for mother's day at least! (And the hair WILL grow out, having been in the same spot myself!)

Cat J B said...

Yep, it will grow out, I'm waiting not-so-patiently! Or I could wear a hat, as was suggested....Cadi, sorry, I deleted your comment by accident, woops!

Cadi said...

Hi there!

I've been thinking about what to send you as a lil' thank you for all the great platypus info. I remember you liking the pilot hats. I know it's getting cold down under. How about you let me know the age of your children & I will get you two pilots out in the mail?

chocolatelilies [at] gmail [dot] com


Cat J B said...

Ooh Cadi, that would be lovely, thank you!

Cat J B said...

Hmmm, weird things are going on with the comments....I approved one and it's not to be seen....sorry if it was yours...I have the approval on because I keep getting spam, in characters I can't even please don't take it personally!

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