Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keeping heads up in the chaos

Life has continued to be maniacally busy lately, with Mr H turning the big 5.

 That coincided with several family members arriving from out-of-state so it was the perfect opportunity to throw together a family only party. 

Hot on the heels of that was a late night cupcake baking blitz for pre-school, and coming up this weekend  is a combined birthday party with some of the kids in our Mother's Group. 

 Family are visiting again from interstate this weekend so our couch is being given a new lease of life as a bed, and hubby is away overnight on a golf trip.....great timing that one, ha!

Add to that, Mr I-just-turned-2 is doing without his daytime nap more often than not. 

And sadly, we have a funeral to go to on Tuesday.
Our friend's 8 year old boy died last week, after being in and out of hospital for much of his life. 
The family were nursing him at home and he went quietly in his sleep.
Very, very sad. His story is here...Ethan's Blog.

I look at my two healthy, robust little boys and thank the Lord I have been so fortunate.


Cadi said...

Life (celebrations) & death. I've pondered those two opposites for some time now. The joy that can come with one, the grief that comes with the other. Life being a constant weaving of both.

Sending you birthday cheers & heartfelt condolences at the same time.


louisalowry said...

Happy birthday Mr H!! That parcel for both your boys is still sitting on my kitchen bench. I will send it - I promise!! I too send my condolences on the loss of your little friend.

Kath Lockett said...

Life ain't dull, that's for sure.

Birthdays, deaths, and the end of the peace-providing afternoon nap!

ms lottie said...

Happy Birthday Mr 5! I confess to having a parcel for both boys on my kitchen bench too. So much for being super organised this year.

Cat, I spent over an hour reading Ethan's story and the tears were rolling. Life can be a bitch sometimes. I crept into the kids rooms and kissed their warm cheeks and, like you, felt so guilty that I'm so lucky.

Annette Piper said...

How very sad children's funerals are.

I know what you mean about being busy - I feel like I'm being pulled hither and thither at the moment with something on (it seems) every day.

Momma Such said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend's loss. So glad he went peacefully.

Life has been hectic here lately too with Daddy traveling more for work and me being pregnant and tired.

Oh, I love the cake! Did you make that?

Cat J B said...

Well, Ethan's funeral was yesterday, it was very sad but celebratory at the same time. It involved Star wars music and an honour guard of light sabers, just right for a young boy with a current star wars obsession.

Yes, I did make the cake, the topping anyway. The request was for a batman icecream cake, so I used store-bought icecream and did the top out of home made fondant. It passed muster :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

It does make you stop & think doesn't it. I look at my 2 & smile because I know that no matter what silliniess they get up to, they are still here with me.
hope you have a wonderful weekend Cat

apronstringz said...

just have to say. about the nap thing. my daughter left naps behind right after she turned two as well. she just got harder and harder (and later and later in the day) with her naps, which meant for a later and harder bedtime (like 11!) i finally just started letting her stay up all day as an experiment, and after a few days adjusting it did seem promising. slept late as usual, but went to sleep early and easy! seemed to work.
at first.
i warn you, it's easy to look back and think you should have done things differently.
but oh how i ended up regretting letting those naps slip. it is so hard, so hard to be pregnant with a toddler who doesn't nap! but worse than that, after a few months we moved, and her night sleep schedule got shorter. she was only sleeping 9 or 10 hrs at night, not enough!, and round about 4 pm we would have these hideous screaming meltdowns. sometimes she would almost fall asleep at the dinner table (not like her AT ALL) and we couldn't drive anywhere after 3:30 pm, or she'd fall asleep in the car and then be awake until midnight. it was crazy.
however like i said, easy in retrospect. really i don't know what i could have done to keep her napping. i was already doing everything i could do.
and, in case it helps, we finally did get a good schedule going where she goes down at 8 pm, and sleeps till 8 am. and that's a real perk! my friends with napping toddlers still have the no-grown-up-time after bedtime because it's 10 pm, or their kids wake at 5 am! so, at this point i finally feel like it's a fair trade.
but, another downside. when our schedule gets thrown out of whack (as it seems to be a good third of our life) we don't have naps to absorb the shock. like if she wakes in the night for two hours and is exhausted in the day, we don't have a regular nap at a regular time for catch up. she either has to make it through till bedtime, or fall asleep from pure exhaustion at 4 pm, throwing her whole schedule off even further. it's a viscious cycle.
but, as you can see, we have a kiddo with just natural inborn troubles with sleep, so really, what're ya gonna do?
i guess all i have to offer is, if you keep with the naps, feel grateful! if you don't, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, it will get better!
good luck!

Cat J B said...

Yikes, what a sleep saga! My first was more of a sleep saga type of kid, this one not sooo much. Having no nap means he's in bed by 6.30pm, asleep, waking at about 6.30-7am...(both boys are in one room and have been schooled not to come out till their alarm rings and omg, it's working! Mostly...) He will nap if he's in the car or pram late morning/lunchtime and then it's bed by 7pm. So not bad overall. My eldest however, was a 5 am waker for at least the first two years of his life. Keeping HIS nap was of the ut-most importance to me lol

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