Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Uh oh

When the heater turned itself off and would not come back on yesterday, brrrrr, I went looking for the cause.

Only to discover that the fridge was off, the dishwasher had stopped, the computers were off and the washing machine had stopped too. And various lights would not come on through out the house.

First up it made me realise how much power I was drawing, eek, and then I went looking for the cause.

The safety switch had flipped, so I went round unplugging and switching off, until I was able to turn the switch back.

Ok, everything seemed fine.

Until the evening when I slung a load of cloth nappies in the washing machine and it wouldn't go beyond beep, beep, beep, graunching sound, switch off. 

Uh huh.

Our last washing machine (really old second hand top loader) cacked itself on a load of cloth nappies too.

Two years and eight days ago, to be precise.

Where's the paper work with the warranty?

Oh, the warranty's two years?

Not two years and eight days?

With thoughts of this running through my head...

Washing Clothes in a Primitive Open Air Laundry

I rang the store, who rang the warranty people, who said they WILL cover it under warranty, woohoo!

Ahh, modern conveniences, where would we be without them?

In a river, beating clothing on rock I suspect.


Kath Lockett said...

Another way to ensure good service is to tell the shop/warranty people that you'll write a letter to their head CEO or Choice magazine praising their top service....

....they'll love you forever!

Moderate Means said...

Eek - can you imagine cloth diapers and hand-washing?!?! I'm so glad they'll cover it for you!


Sarah Bean said...

heh, well i'm glad youre not! yay for customer service!

louisalowry said...

Uh oh indeed!! But great that SOMEONE is prepared to give their customers a fair go. Why is it always the dirty nappies or the stinky HEAVY towels that the washing machine always gives up on?!!

ms lottie said...

Great picture! Makes me love my appliances that little bit more. And yay for ignoring the 8 days! I got me an extended warranty on my last washing machine and it cacked it self with a few months to go of the five year warranty...they sent me a brand new machine, with ANOTHER five year extended warranty, thank you very much.

Cat J B said...

Kath - good idea, I might have to do that.
Stacy - I have NO desire to wash cloth nappies by hand. Even hosing them off with the sprayer has me holding my breath.
Sarah - yes, I didn't even have to play the damsel in distress as my hubby suggested to get them to cover it. Yay indeed!
Lou - yep, I pity the poor service person who's coming tomorrow. Though I will empty the machine for him/her, which will be a lovely job on it's own.
Lottie - I declined the extended warranty, but next time, I might take it...great service you got.

Annette Piper said...

Ooooh, you were so lucky!

River said...

I have a front loader, now fifteen years old, which I bought because the booklet with it said the machine was guaranteed for 25 years of heavy duty use. Since I only wash twice a week, I figure it should last me the rest of my life. So far it has survived 4 house moves. I wish I'd known about front loaders when I had small children around.

ecoMILF said...

Way to go. Our machine hasn't died yet but when there has been an occasional issues it's always during a cloth nappy load. Not sure what it is! Are they personally affronted by the amount of fecal matter we pile up in there? Surely not! xo m.

Momma Such said...

So glad they are going to fix it for you! I would have loved to see the pics of you in the river beating your clothes on a rock though...he he! Ok, not nice!

Cat J B said...

I've always heard good things about front loaders and how well they do...usually. I don't know what it is about stinky nappy loads the machines don't like....our last one was a top loader and hubby had to siphon out a full load of nappy water before they would cart in away!
And no one will see me beating clothes over rocks because it's now fixed. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

well, one thing is, we'd have a lot less clothes.
and our babies would s(h)it in the grass.

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