Monday, March 9, 2009

Another quilt - Textures of Tom Price

This is the wall quilt I mentioned a little while back, that my eldest sister sent me after I happened to admire it while staying with her. It is called Textures of Tom Price and has been part of an art exhibition, as well as featuring in a calendar of said art exhibition. Now, it didn't photograph all that well in it's entirety, so I have photographed each panel separately. Each panel has a short description written on the back.

Cascading waterfalls....tranquil pools


Towering storm clouds...


Raucous cockatoos...


(The storm clouds sit above the cockatoos, and both sit beside the cascading waterfalls)

Gum leaves crunching...( sits under both of the above)


Sinuous layers of rock...( sits under the gum leaves)


This beautiful piece is awaiting a white wall to hang it on in my yet to be bought new home.

We went house hunting on Saturday, but didn't really come up with anything though. We are being a bit fussy, and my hubby and I disagree a little on how much actual space we need, so I think this is going to take a while. Oh well, I'm sure the perfect place for us is out there somewhere, just begging me to come and hang my growing fabric art collection on it...

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