Sunday, March 1, 2009

Batman to the rescue!

Little guy is down for a sleep, H is in daycare today, this is my one day a week I can get a little bit of uninterrupted time to myself. So what do I do with it? Haha, give Batman a photo session of course!

Here is the little fella..


Looking, ahem, well loved, next time I will make sure to use wool felt, as this acrylic stuff is pilling up badly. Also, his pocket doesn't quite come up high enough for my aesthetic sense.
He is made with satin type fabric and felt, with his Batman symbol painstakingly hand appliqu├ęd onto his belly. And Baby Batman, as H calls him, is always along for the ride.

So Superman will be done with blue body, red pocket, yellow belt and red cape, and H has requested he have hair like his own, blonde. Ok, so we'll have a blonde Superman, and baby, also with cape, groan, as per H's request. Now I need to hit Spotlight for some fabric, I'm in between two very large Spotlights, lucky me, as I love to have a rummage in the remnant bin.

Often find all sorts of fabric goodness in there!


ms lottie said...

Ha, ha!! That is tooo cute! Perhaps your next batman should have a baby Robin? Hmmm, baby Wonderwoman for Superman? That might go down so well with H! O still loves her dolly you made, the baby is the favourite bit, you should hear the screams when the puppy gets hold of it!!

ms lottie said...

Opps, I meant "might NOT go down so well"! And imagine trying to applique a teeny bikini!

Cat J B said...

The applique is that bit that takes the longest.....wonder if Miss O would like a Wonderwoman?

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