Friday, March 20, 2009

Green fruit and vegetable bags

In my effort to be greener and consume less plastic, I put together these simple bags for putting the fruit and veggies in when I'm at the market. They're made of muslin, simply because that was the lightest weight fabric I had in my fabric stash. For longterm use they might need to be made of something stronger but for now they're holding up well. They are about 30cm square.


They are very simple to make:

  • Cut a long rectangle of fabric, and hem one of the long sides with about a 2cm hem.
  • Pin the fabric together so the hem is on the outside.
  • Sew up the 2 unhemmed sides, but stop short of sewing over the hem, the ends of the hem need to be left open.
  • Thread a decently wide ribbon through the hem and tie the ends, to act as a drawstring
Ta da! Green and frugal, if you can use materials you already have. I just need to make a few more, and remember them whenever I go to the market...

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