Friday, May 15, 2009

Back to the birthday cake...

Remember the saga of two Harolds for the birthday cake? Well surprise, surprise, the Harolds arrived several days before they were needed for the cake. Except, by that time Mr soon-to-be-four had changed his mind and wanted a monster cake. I should have expected that, right?

So I trawled the web for some inspiration and eventually found something to base my cake on. I must give credit where credit is due so if you want to see the original design, it's on this squidoo lens on halloween food.

I also need to add a disclaimer......mine is not as professional looking as the cake decorating on that site. Just so you're pre-warned!


Lucky for me, m & ms were having some sort of promo where most of the packs were single colours. Perfect! Except you don't know what colours are in the pack, so I ended up with green and blue.

Phew, birthdays over for another year!

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