Thursday, May 7, 2009

Steam vaporizer - good for congestion?

My one year old has a cold. Snot, conjunctivitis, chesty cough, snot, oh and a new molar. And snot, did I mention snot? Right, you get the picture. This is a different cold to the one he gave me recently, from which I am still sense of taste and smell are slowly coming back after nearly 2 weeks hiatus.

So after having to resettle him about nine times overnight, I'm thinking a steam vaporizer might be a worthwhile investment. I checked out two of the popular models on my trusty review site to see what other people are saying, the Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer and the TAAV Vaporaire. I'm unsure though, wouldn't pumping out steam create a damp problem in the room? Or do you just air it out well during the day? Would it make the room too hot? The bub is still in mine and hubby's room, so three people plus steam? Hmm.

Well, at the chemist I managed to get to they only had the Euky Bear vaporizer. After inquiring about the Vicks model I was told they no longer carry it because of so many complaints that it 'sounded like a steam train'. The Euky Bear vaporizer gets the best feedback, so that's all they carry. It's the most expensive too. Oh well.

As for a damp problem, I certainly wouldn't run it for nights on end. The smaller the room, the more condensation my four year old's room, I have to lay an old towel along the window sill, or the condensation runs down the window, over the ledge and soaks the carpet.

In mine and hubby's room where baby is, I just leave the door a little ajar and air out well during the day.

No, it doesn't seem to raise the temperature in the room.

It does keep the air from drying out and the eucalyptus adds a lovely smell to the air, but hubby hates the smell so no more adding
eucalyptus to the water. I wouldn't actually buy the eucalyptus that comes with the machine again, it's quite expensive and the machine doesn't NEED it, and I'm sure you could get it unbranded but cheaper if you really wanted it.

I paid about $70 for the machine and about $12 for the eucalyptus.

Yes, expensive.

However it is quiet, it is very safe....bub can't access the water or burn himself if he happens across it, it works well and has a 2 year warranty.

I'm happy with it.

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