Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speaking of kids parties...

H will be 4 at the end of this month and has requested a party at a particular play centre. I've been there once before as H was invited to a party there by a friend of his. All ok, except for the menu. It consists of....

  • Baby frankfurts/cocktail franks (cheerios we call them in know, small red sausages, full of nitrates?)
  • French fries (think loads of fat and salt, tasted like beef fat when I tried one)
  • Fairy bread (hi GI white bread, with margarine and coloured sprinkles)
  • Cheezels/chips
  • A token fruit platter (very ordinary and as such, untouched by the kids)
  • "Bottomless" cordial
Also the option of adding chicken nuggets, party pies or sausage rolls.

This does not impress me in the slightest, yet food is not allowed to be brought into the centre, apart from a birthday cake. I asked if there were healthier options and was told not at this time.

What don't I like? I try to limit additives, preservatives and colours in my kids food, and this lot hits pay dirt. I realise it's a party but still, I don't like serving my kids this much crap, and it certainly goes against the grain to be serving it to other people's kids too.

However, there was a clause which said ' no food to be brought in...except for allergy sufferers'.
Now, my oldest is sensitive to wheat, not allergic, just sensitive, so we limit it which is fairly easy. I spoke to a staff member about that and it sounds like I will be able to bring some idea is to sub homemade cupcakes for fairy bread, juice for the cordial and....not sure what else, maybe I can pump up the fruit platter a bit more with more kid friendly fruit.

Is it unrealistic to expect a few "ever so slightly healthy" things on the menu in this sort of venue? I would be willing to pay more, depending on what they can provide.

Hmmm, need to think more on this.

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