Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Harold or two?

Right, a runway cake will be dead easy, but, he wants Harold the Helicopter on it.
Here's the little guy...


Wooden, to go with our wooden Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set, and apparently Harold is retired now and no longer for sale. So I checked for him on Ebay Aus, and no one is selling him second hand. Well, darn it.

I have now managed to purchase 2 brand new Harold's from Ebay America, which should hopefully, please, please, please be here the day before the party.

I have a bad feeling that is asking too much, even though the seller quotes 7-10 days. My hubby just laughed when I told him. Oh yea of little faith!! I have faith......but, ahem, I will have a back up plan....

Oh, but why two you ask? 

Well, Harold is pretty cool, and I have 2 little boys who will both be after him, so for the sake of peace I have bought two. 
I do not usually buy two of everything, the little muchkins will learn to share by the time they're 20 I'm sure, however, I know that this will be a very coveted toy, not least because it comes on the top of a cake! and my husband also plans to join in the fray, as he is a helicopter fan too. 

So between the three of them they will have come to some sort of truce. 

Shoot, maybe I should have bought three??

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