Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oooh, check out these jelly bean cookies!

As I was jumping from blog to blog, following various links, I happened across these bite-sized jelly bean cookies. 

How cute are they?? 

I thought they'd be great for a kiddie's birthday party, and seeing as H is turning 4 this month, I have my mind turned to party food.

This is them...


Jelly bean cookies. 

I will have to go on a hunt for the right cutter though, I think the author said she used a very small easter egg shaped cutter. 

Hmmmm, where to go?


Chic Cookies said...

Thanks for the blog love! (you can probably use tiny circles, too. They would just be more plump. I'd look for a small fondant cutter at a cake decorating store or any big cfraft store that has a baking section.)

Cat J B said...

Hmmm, ok I have a few places in mind to check out, thanks!

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