Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How do you clean your shower?

Well my youngest sister, who has a hubby and two kids of her own imparted this pearl of wisdom re shower cleaning recently.......... actually I think she said it was someone else's pearl originally.....but I think it's inspired so I'm sharing it with you!

She told me......... clean one wall of your shower every day.

There it is, that's it!! So simple!

So if you clean one wall every day, you should never, ever be left with that icky pink soap scum build up, that you need to spend your Saturday morning scrubbing away.

To do this, I use baking soda as a scourer and a kitchen cloth for applying it. The baking soda I keep in a glass jar in the shower and the scourer pad likewise. I clean while I'm in there (quickly, as here in Melbourne we're on water restrictions), clean myself and wahoo, shower done!

Now because I know you're dying to see my eternally clean shower, here is a bit of it.


Glass jar of baking soda, kitchen scourer and container of honey for face wash. Honey? Yes, works a treat, more on that later. Oh, and sparkly white wall, see?!

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