Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well I made some practise cupcakes....

After my recent cupcake decorating workshop, I've decided I need more regular decorating practice. I tried out a new recipe yesterday, which turned out to be a flop.....all my cupcakes had flat tops......and then found my piping set in the very back of the pantry. Once I'd washed the cobwebs off it, I filled it with buttercream icing and got to work , trying out some of the techniques I'd learned at the workshop.

I figured out why you need cupcakes with a lovely rounded top, that's so you can put a beautiful swirl of icing on it that comes up to a point. It doesn't have quite the same effect if you have a flat top to begin with.

Anyway, the only photo I have of my efforts is of these two little ones that I used up the remainder of the icing on. Perfect kid size.


So not a true record of my endeavors, as I sent all the larger ones to hubby's work, with strict instructions for him to make it known that these are PROTOTYPES only, PRACTICE cupcakes, not a true showcase of what I can do. I can't help but be slightly vain!

Decided I need a different piping set, the one I have appears as if it's better suiting to decorating cookies, making fine lines etc. Or is it a case of a workman and his tools............?


Ashley Brooke said...

Hi there again! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I'm glad you enjoyed Bakerella's blog too! I look forward to each & every one of her posts haha!

I think I enabled followers now... I added the followers gadget. Hopefully that's all I needed to do!

Anyhow, cake bites are just cake dipped into chocolate. I got the idea from Bakerella, but she puts icing with her cake and molds it into balls. I have found it's too sweet (and more calories!) so I just mash a baked cake in a large bowl with my hands. It will become crumbly at first but keep mashing and it will be a big dough looking ball. Then just form it into little balls and dip them into almond bark or chocolate candy coating, tapping the excess chocolate off with a spoon on the side of the bowl. Then just place on wax paper to dry!

Any cake and any flavor candy coating makes for lots of variety :)

Hope you like them!


Cat J B said...

OMG, yum!!!! I need to try those for sure!

ms lottie said...

Tupperware do the cutest little piping set. And cake bites...YUM!

Ha, ha the verification word is efort - does it think I need to put more in!

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