Sunday, July 19, 2009

Carpentry for the kids

I had an inspired idea a few days ago, or at least what passes for an inspired idea in my kid-centred world....

(Why was it inspired...because it was another FREE favourite sort!)

My boys love hammers and nails.

These things are hanging round after our ongoing but nearly finished house renovation, but as my hubby is not into carpentry (or renovating, actually) we don't have anything convenient to hammer aforementioned nails into.

So I rang round a few hardware stores asking about free wood off cuts and was invited round to a local Home Timber and Hardware store to have a scrounge. 

Bunnings Warehouse, it turns out are involved in a recycling program to "give something back to the environment" (their words) so kudos to them, but no good for me.

So the boys and I gathered up a few armfuls of scraps, raced home and dragged out the hammers, nails and the erm, felt pens. Not sure how those ended up in the mix, but it all made for a very engaging afternoon.




Tomorrow we might get the paints out for a bit of wood decorating, although I need to be in the right mood for that, as it invariably involves painted children and clothing as well as whatever object was designated to receive a coat....


louisalowry said...

Why does your hammer still have it's label on?!!

Cat J B said...

Cos I'm too lazy to wrest them off the kids and take them off, hahaha!

Kath Lockett said...

Clever! And not a bad stress reliever either.

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