Friday, July 10, 2009

Ooooh, Thermomix on Master Chef!

Yes, I am a kitchen nerd and am watching Master Chef every night.

And tonight (actually it was last night but this post got way laid at 11.30 pm by a teething 15 month old), low and behold, they had a Thermomix on the kitchen bench in master class. I was so excited, for no particular reason, hahaha!

And, it was also in use in the foodie segment on the nightly Tour De France coverage. So it looks like real chefs do use them, it's not just something the thermomix consultant made up. Although I never doubted.....

Mast Chef were making sabayon, which involved "add all ingredients, set the machine, finished!" Yum, but my thought was that's not going to help the contestants any, unless they have a thermomix themselves.

I am loving my thermomix more and more every day at the moment, as I'm trying to make more of our food from scratch, which is somewhat time consuming, so when I am getting behind, I kick the thermomix into action to help me out.

Today for example in short time I made pumpkin soup and bread rolls for lunch, both in the mixer, then a very fast but really delish spaghetti bolognaise in it for dinner.

Oh thermomix joy! Get one if at all possible, you won't regret it!

Oh, and have a look at this poster. Hehehe, this is me, dessert all the way!

Desserts Are Served I

In case you're at all curious, I'm getting some of my latest images off If you loooove a picture, click on it and it will take you to their site, where you can purchase a copy of the poster if you so desire.

I'm getting quite a collection....

1 comment:

Kath Lockett said...

I'm with you - Masterchef and desserts all the way, cholesterol or no cholesterol!

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