Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to make a robot from old computer parts

My four year old, H, is on a sudden robot kick.

Not the sort of robot you can make from cardboard boxes and tinfoil and bottle caps and pipe cleaners which we already have, but the REAL robot sort. The sort that talks and walks, or preferably flies. This came about after reading Wendels' Workshop, a kids book about an industrious little mouse character who is an inventor, and of course, he invents robots.

If you want to check out the Wendel story being read in a plummy British accent, feel free to watch the clip below....

Or if you don't want to be spoken to as if you are a 3 year old, you can see the book here.

I quickly made the obsession worse by looking up robots on Youtube which has all sorts of walking, flying, soccer playing, wrestling, violin playing robots. So H is under the impression that robots are the easiest thing in the world to make and can we go out and buy parts and make one tomorrow please?


You don't want to burst their enthusiastic/mummy-daddy can do anything attitude but......

So hubby comes up with idea of making a scrapheap robot, as Wendel does, but the only scrapheap we have is a pile of old computers that are waiting to be taken to a recycling depot.

No problem, H is suddenly all fired up again, yeah, yeah a scrapheap robot!

A good scrounge reveals all sorts of appropriate bits and a glue gun holds it all together. Yes, a glue gun. No it doesn't walk and talk, although once a battery is found for the fan, I mean the lethal spinning limb severer, that is positioned on his right arm it should spin lethally (not really) and in that excitement the walking, talking and flying requirements seem to have been put aside.

This guy is seriously cool. He even has teeth!

And he was made by Dad, aka hubby, so he's even cooler.






ms lottie said...

Oh wow! Uncle J is sooo cool!

louisalowry said...

Finn is now insanely jealous - can Uncle J make me one too - but it's not a robot Mum, it's a droid!! Can you tell my son is Star Wars mad?!

Annette Piper said...

How brilliant - it looks superb!

alansaki said...

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