Monday, June 15, 2009

Kids minkee shoulder bag

I happen to have a largish piece of lavender minkee sitting on the top of my fabric box, that I came across in one of my rummages through Spotlight's remnant bin. I didn't actually have a use for it in mind, but it had such a lovely feel that I was sure some use would present itself.

Well my four year old discovered it and beseeched me to make him a bag out of it.
He currently has no hang ups about pink colours being for girls only, though I'm sure that won't be long coming. Someone at daycare imparted the knowledge that purple is a girls only colour, so I counteracted that by saying it's a kings colour.

What about queens mummy, is purple a queen's colour? Um, I better look that one up.......this child has me running to the font of all knowledge, ie the internet, all too often these days...

So here's the little bag I whipped up...complete with lining even.


It's currently holding 2 dinosaurs, 5 matchbox style cars, one 4 wheeled motorcycle, a collection of small stretchy rubber animals, a container of mutating ooze that came with a ninja turtle, a spiderman figurine and the spiderman mask that goes with his spidey dress ups.

Whew, my handbag has nothing on that lot!


ms lottie said...

Very cute!! Sir 4 and 1/2 is only really getting hung up about pink now. However, Madam not-even-2 demands pink regularly!! She doesn't even KNOW all the colours, yet she can point out pink. Sigh.

Kath Lockett said...

It's fantastic - surely all dinosaurs deserve to live in purple mink like their owners?

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