Thursday, June 25, 2009

Close encounter of the creepy kind

I had an uncomfortably close encounter with one of these cockroaches a couple of days ago...


I've heard Melbourne has been having a plague of these critters in recent times......or was that last year? It may have been, as I distinctly remember sitting at my desk in the wee small hours feeding my newborn bub while surfing the web, and seeing one of these guys carefully make it's way up the side of my water bottle.

Well my recent encounter happened as I took a box of crackers out the cupboard. An open box. 

Recently opened, so it hadn't been mouldering there for months.

Reached in, pulled out the foil packet inside and Mr Roach fell onto the floor. Where I overcame my squeamishness of these creatures to apply my boot to him, crunch. 

Usually I apply lots and lots of spray, yes, awful I know but I generally can't bring myself to actually contact them, even with just the underside of my boot.

Slightly off topic, but funnily enough my sister has had a recent humanatising epiphany in regards to ridding ourselves of creatures we call pests, read what she has to say about it here.

Back to my cockroachroach experience, this is the first time I have ever found one in the pantry, usually I don't even find them in the kitchen at all. And generally never in the colder weather.

Now if you look in my pantry, you will notice many plastic tubs, labeled glass jars and ziploc bags, so unless the next roach has McGyver type talents, I won't find one leaping out of my about-t0-be-consumed-food again.



Kath Lockett said...

Well don't consider living in Darwin any time soon - they are literally swarming with them there and they're large enough to rest a cup of coffee on. Trust me.

Cat J B said...

Erk, I've heard of flying ones too, they make my skin crawl...

louisalowry said...

Yep, Tom Price has some cockroaches that I'm sure you could put a saddle on and ride!

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