Saturday, June 13, 2009

This cold grey weather leaves me flat sometimes...

I'm a bit uninspired at the moment so lucky you, you get the kids instead...

Two small boys and a dripping tap = endless entertainment.

Yes, we're on water restrictions, the tap was dripping sloooowly and not all day.....I can never let them run under the sprinkler but a dripping tap for a while in the backyard? 

That I will do. I'll take shorter showers to make it up...


My little gardener, isn't he angelic?

This was right before he threw down the trowel and went in with both hands and tried to eat it. 

Well didn't try to eat it, did eat it.


Paint and buckets of water on the driveway.

Can you tell I'm all for cheap entertainment? 

Even if it does take a lot more cleaning up...


The little tacker in his new beanie.

He was so proud of it, he wouldn't take it off for the whole day. 

Yes I bought it, no I didn't sew it. I know, bad mummy.


And the big fella in a rare, un-cheesey smile.


Ok, I'm done with trying to inspire myself for the evening. 

The kitchen's a mess, the dishes need doing, the nappies need to go in the washer, but I'm going to crawl into my electric blanketed bed and read.

And thaw out. 

Ahh, heaven....


Kath Lockett said...

They are adorable. The little one (in side profile) reminds me of a boy-version of Sapphire at the same age. It must be that 'Soft Serve' coloured, whispy hair!

Cat J B said...

Wispy is right, it's all fluff...funny, the older one looks like his dad and the lil one like me. Poor kid, hehe!

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