Thursday, August 13, 2009

You can't see me....

Who needs toys when you've got a laundry hamper?


My lil guy is going through a phase of sitting in things.

The laundry hamper, buckets, shoe boxes, frypans, the potato heads plastic tub, any and all random cardboard boxes.

And he will sit on his brother whenever his brother lies on the floor. 

Actually it's more like a body slam than a sit, just as well H is the robust type.

Are all boys as physical and LOUD as mine? 

Is it just boys or are girls the same way? 
I admit to heaving an enormous sigh of relief when my two are in bed asleep, it gives my head a chance to stop ringing from the constant onslaught of noise and activity.

So a quiet game of hiding in the laundry hamper is very welcome.


louisalowry said...

Oh I do miss my nephews - why don't we live closer!!

Cat J B said...

I have the same regret, sister dear...

ms lottie said...

Here's a quote from Nigel Latta (awesome down-to-earth psychologist) about how to be a cool mum to boys.
"The secret is loud, silly and fun - and if you can work in anything about farting, then you're made!"

Annette Piper said...

Yes, boys are louder than girls, however girls have a certain 'pitch' that boys just can't reach and that makes you wince!

My kids still like hiding in things - and they're 11, 8 and 8!

Cat J B said...

Oh, I love that quote, must keep that handy for times of crisis.

Annette - 11, 8 and 8, wow, you must be a busy woman! How on earth do you find time to make your beautiful jewelery?

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