Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Homemade pillowcase gift - lovely!

My youngest sister, The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady, has sent my boys some very creative birthday gifts.

A personalised pillowcase each, made from strips of different fabric on one side, and on the other side all one fabric with their name machine sewn on (I know there is a proper term for this technique but I can't remember what it is). And a length of feather wool sewn across one end too.

I'm not sure that was such a great explanation, but you can probably see what I mean by checking out this picture:


Needless to say, they are a huge hit! The boys love them and are sleeping on them right now. The lil fella at 15 months has only very recently gained a pillow in his cot, so now he has his very first pillowcase and is pleased as punch.

A fabulous idea for a crafty, personalised, useful, thrifty gift that is non-plastic.
Ticks all the boxes, I think.

Thanks, Auntie Lottie!!


Kath Lockett said...

Wow. All I can do is help Sapphire unpeel a roll of sticky tape!

louisalowry said...

Very clever Auntie Lottie! They are gorgeous.

ms lottie said...

Awww, thanks sis! And you didn't even mention they were about six months late!

Cat J B said...

Hey, we all need sticky tape!

Annette Piper said...

I really like that idea!

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