Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend stuff

My vacuum cleaner had it's last gasp on Saturday. It has now been assigned to vacuum cleaner heaven, thanks to one happy dismantler and his father.

We also had an actual 7th birthday. 
This is the much-desired lego x-wing that was put together by it's proud owner over the course of 2 days. 

How easy is it when all your kid wants is lego? I dread the day when they outgrow it.

Miss Broody here appears to be having a good zzzzzz. 

She just hangs out there all day if I let her, so sometimes I lift her feathery butt down and plonk her in front of the feeder. I have even been known to shut the door to the run after her so she can't just dash straight back up the stairs and settle in again. 

I relocated this orange tree on the weekend too. It was languishing in a pot round the back with the chooks, who took great delight in scratching the topsoil out of the pot, thus disturbing the roots, which citrus trees hate.

That's the lemon tree in the background, less lemons this year but much larger ones. And behind that you can see where the pittosporums are coming out. A work in progress as those trees are deep rooted and thick trunked. (Is that even a word?)

Baked apples. Yum. 
They do take a lot longer in the oven than over the campfire though.

That was my weekend. Lots of random stuff.

1 comment:

Kath said...

Gorgeous photos as usual, Cat.

Thankfully, lego remains in vogue for boys for years. It's easy to just keep buying them new sets and pieces so that they end up with a huge container of the stuff and infinite possibilities for play. Trust me, both my brothers (aged 45 and 43 respectively) still have their collections and my nephews (11 and 9) still ask for 'lego - any sort' for their birthday and Christmas presents.

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