Sunday, April 15, 2012

The great outdoors

We went camping the week after Easter. Remember the Farm

The Farm was not in use these holidays and we'd been advised that there were some lovely camping spots around the place AND we could light campfires and dance round naked if we wished seeing as it's private property. All 3000 acres of it.

So we did. Light a campfire that is, not dance round naked. A tad too chilly for that.

We spent the first night in the homestead, seeing as we arrived after dark. The next morning saw us all out on the hill with hubby and his remote controlled airplane.

Then we drove to our recommended campsite (a 4 wheel drive would have been handy here but our trusty old sedan made it), right on the Goulburn river. Being autumn, the weather was perfect for having the campfire burning all day, though we did manage to peel off our fleece jumpers at various times when it almost felt hot.

See those grey clouds in the background? Yup, it rained about 2 minutes later. We had a few short showers that first day but nothing torrential.

After a chilly start the next day,

Exploring we all went. Plenty of wombat holes around and although the kids had us out both nights after dark with torches, no wombats were seen in action. Plenty of fresh wombat poop though, so we know they were there.

Too cold for an actual swim but they still managed to get wet of course. The river was running quite high, so even if it was warmer, I'm not sure they'd actually be swimming.

A bit of afternoon chess, lots of s'mores making, roasting apples, spuds and corn cobs in the embers.
The sun went down by about 7pm and so did we. Apart from wombat hunting that is.

Another chilly morning, not quite a frost, but almost. Who can breathe out the biggest steam cloud?
Listening to the kookaburras and magpies serenade the dawn.

Beautiful countryside

And we got to see the sun rise through the mist.

We spent two nights in the wild and one more night up at the homestead before heading back home. A lovely trip and a first intro for the boys into 'camping in the wild' as we called it. Pooping in a hole, grass in the food and lots of fresh air.

Must do it again soon, though we may wait till close to summer I think...


x said...

What lovely crepuscular rays!

ms lottie said...

Love those pics. Hopefully we get to go camping again this winter for some more memory making. W is learning to play chess too - I think Harry Potter has something to do with that!

Louisa said...

We are about to sell our camper trailer - so no more long camping holidays for us. We may buy a tent for weekends away though - your photos are inspiring!!

Kath said...

Cat, these photos are just ..... so breathtakingly lovely. A real honesty in them and the little details - wellington boots, the chess on the esky - utterly brilliant.

Cat J B said...

@ X - thanks hubby!

@ Lottie - the boys were leaping about on the checkered floor at the supermarket playing giant chess as per HP, although my H thinks HP is almost too scary...

@Lou - yeah, get a tent instead!

@ Kath - Thanks Kath, I'm trying to get my photographer groove back just a wee bit, easier in the outdoors than in our pocket sized house I find.

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