Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's footy seaon!

Auskick has started again for the season and this year, we've got both boys in it. 
Technically, the lil' guy at only-just-turned-four is not old enough, but seeing as hubby put his hand up for coaching this year, they've bent the rules for him. 
So he's in with one little mate who's also only four and all the others are meant to be five and above.

His footy top is an old soccer top from a friend that I cut the sleeves off to look more footy-ish. 
Lucky it's the right colour.

You see, we bought him a top last year, got it numbered and all, and it has vanished off the face of the earth. Someone (most probably me) has put or left it somewhere and despite turning the house upside down and inside out, it is not to be found.

Footy boots still to come and he prefers short socks, so he will continue to look cutely mis-matched.

It was birthday party weekend too.
A joint one this year, while we can still get away with it.

Two cakes.

Like my monsters?
Pretty easy to make once your m&ms are colour separated. (Kids job.)

The party was held at the dojo where the boys do karate. A karate party, perfect.

Must light own candles.

Me too!

Ah, seven years old. And four! When did that happen?

It was just yesterday they were cute toddlers

and squishy babies.

Time is flying!


Kath said...

Love the footy uniforms

AND the cakes. Might copy that for Sapphire's birthday next month as she adores anything cute and monster-ish.

ms lottie said...

They are seriously cute cakes! Happy Birthday boys.

I'm having a fine time over here with the littlest cousin - she's pretty cute too, and big Mr T brings back lots of memories of ratbag toddlers!

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