Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Homemade indoor rock climbing finger board

Hubby has fairly recently gotten into rock climbing. 

We have a couple of good rock climbing centers within easy driving distance but unless you're in there every day, you sorta need to do some training on your own, if you're at all serious about it.

Well, this is what is now hanging above our bathroom door frame. 

This is something the hubby rigged up one afternoon, after a bit of banging round in the workshop, one lot of cursing after eye-balling and not measuring, and some sawdust on the floor.

Mostly made with leftover bits of wood from various projects, bits that I've scavenged for the kids to hammer together and paint on (see the handprints? Good placement, huh?).

Good for dangling painfully from your fingertips by.

Complemented by another gadget we already had, to do pull-ups and chin-ups etc on. 

And just so the boys don't miss out on the action (must do everything daddy does!), hubby rigged up some rope with a couple of handles to wind round the chin-up gadget and hang down at kid-dangling-height.

We've taken the boys to the climbing gym a few times, Mr nearly-7 LOVES it, Mr just-turned-4 is ok but even at his extreme-4-yr-old height, he's not quite tall enough to reach between some of the holds.

I can totally see hubby doing this to the house one day....


ms lottie said...

I am NOT showing my boys these pictures.

Kath said...


He's one keen climbing machine that hubby of yours and very cutely considerate to ring up the gear for the boys, too.

..... he doesn't expect *you* to join him, does he. Or ---- do you WANT to...? (shocked gasp)

Now, finally Cat dearest, please remove the comment verification thingy as it's recently been updated to include two words in murky font which can be really difficult to see properly and I often get it wrong. Pretty please...?

Cat J B said...

Kath - funny, I've been meaning to remove the comment mod' thingy, it really gives me the pip on other people's blogs and I don't seem to get spam now. Been putting it off 'cos I'm not sure where to do it...will go and investigate now.

And yup, I've been climbing a few times but it's always with the kids in tow so I just get to go up a few times, it is kinda cool up there though!

Louisa said...

I'm with Miss Lottie on this one - except it's not my boys I have to worry about. It's Blondie that likes to climb door frames so I can only imagine what she'd do with this. Very cool though...

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