Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to keep chickens out of your garden pots

Our chooks looove to jump into the potted trees and have a good scratch around. 
That's not so good for the roots as it can damage them but it also leaves them exposed to the elements, as the chooks seem to scratch the dirt over the side.

Actually, it's only the wyandottes, as the silkies can't get their feathery butts up there.

Here is Anakin Skywalker having a good old nosey at what I'm up to.

So I came up with this not-very-beautiful solution which seems to be working. I throw on any old, dried plants (that get tossed over the fence to the chooks when I'm gardening) and I've weighed it down with rocks and bits of brick.

This is a feijoa tree, I might put it in the ground round the front when the rest of those pittisporums come out.

Here's one of the boys' miniature cherry trees we gave them for Christmas, looking rather forlorn as it loses it leaves. But it didn't seem to like having it's roots messed with either. 

The chooks now don't bother getting up there much and can't access the dirt with their claws if they do. The little monkies have plenty of other dirt round to scratch about in.

Now, I just went to online to check out if daphne (the plant) is toxic. 
Somewhere in the back of mind I must have heard it is because when I sat and looked at this photo, something in me went uh-oh.

That daphne bush has been out the back for a few years now and it's a favourite spot for the chooks to hang out. They've now been here for nearly 5 months so it hasn't affected them, but they haven't been here when it's been flowering, which it's about to do.

Poop. I would hate to have to get rid of it but it seems like I may have to. I do love the smell and the one out the front has just recently inexplicably died. Well, it's looking more dead every day so I think it's on it's way out. 

The girls are still laying after a brief hiatus, only two of them though and I'm still not sure which two.

But have a look at this teeny, tiny egg we got the other day.
The big one of the left is a real size chook egg and the others are from our bantams.

See the teeny one? It's about 3 cm long. 

Got some winter veggies in the garden too, just waiting for it all to grow now....if it ever stops raining!


Kath said...

I'm not the person to ask whether Daphne is poisonous or not - I love gardens and am more than happy to be *in* one or *admiring* one, but NOT the one doing the work!

LOVE that tiny little egg!

Julia said...

You probably don't want to read this ---->>'s the berries that are poisonous. More info here ---->>

m.e (Cathie) said...

I was reading this thinking..."yep..that's what they do"!! It annoys me so much, I know they love a good scratch & a dust bath but it does do damage.
great solution for it.
love looking a chookie pics.
big hugs for today, cannot even imagine how your heart feels.
hug those little ones reallllly really tight.
BIG hug to you too ♥

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