Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spring is in full swing

We had some hail yesterday, real live freezing cold hail. Good 'ole Melbourne, throwing her best spring weather at us.


Yes, our minuscule backyard has fake grass as well as hail, you can probably tell what hubby's turned it into, do the golf balls give it away?

When I first arrived in Australia (following my hunky snowboarding Aussie boyfriend, now hubby, oh how long ago THAT seems!) I was under the mistaken impression that Australia was HOT.

All of it.

But that's not the case as I soon found out, seeing as I arrived at the very beginning of spring.
A spring that was one of the coldest, wettest I can remember, it nearly chased me back across the Tasman.
But seeing as we have the same weather across the Tasman, the lure of aforementioned hunky snowboarding boyfriend was enough to keep me here. (Oh lucky Australia, you get to keep me!)

Now here I am ensconced in domesticity..

training the next generation of food critics...


the next Booker Prize winners...


the next animal rights activists...


and squeezing in a bit of sewing in between.


I made this little lady one evening after hand drafting the oh so complicated pattern. She is now stuffed and awaiting a baby for her pocket, before she wings her way to somewhere...

Ahh, domesticity, I love you! Usually.


ms lottie said...

She is cute, cute, cute - and so are your kiddies!

Kath Lockett said...

YOU make domesticity sound beautiful and brilliant, CatJB!

louisalowry said...

She is gorgeous! Hugs to the kiddliwinks.

Cat J B said...

Domesticity certainly has it's moments, brilliant and otherwise!

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