Monday, October 12, 2009

Here's my birthday present!

Ok, not a great picture but here they are...


The 3 large boxes are cupcake couriers, which I finally received on the weekend. (Not the company's fault, I was waiting on my sis-in-law to fly them down with her when she came)

And on top of those is a cupcake stand that I recieved from my mother-in-law on the same day....hehehe, I'm easy to think of gifts for at the moment, yeah?!

I have another offer of some space on his stall from The Nut Bloke, so I'll be baking up a storm for Saturday 24th Oct. And now I can pack 'em all up and carry them.

Isn't it funny what gets me all excited these days?!

I thought I might christen my cupcake couriers with Martha Stewart's Chocolate Salted Caramel cupcakes, but I didn't really like the resulting chewy caramel encased in chocolate cake thing. It may have been because my caramel was several shades darker than it appears in this photo, and had a distinct burnt sugar taste to it......

The actual chocolate cupcakes part was fairly good though and easy to make.

That bit of the recipe is worth keeping.


Darroch Cottage said...

Happy birthday!
And wow the cupcake couriers are brilliant!
My standard 'bring a plate' are cupcakes and one of them would be perfect!
I'm also going to bake some each week for the dental practice - and I'll order one of these to get them up there!
How cool! Thanks! xx

Kath Lockett said...

Hooley dooley, that looks frightfully profesional!

....where do you sell them? The cakes, I mean?

My word verification thingy is 'bulfed', as in 'Kath bulfed down seven of Cat's cakes in one go'

Cat J B said...

Thanks! And I wish I could come to your dental time you make some, can you put a picture up? I love to see other people's cupcake efforts and yes, this carrier is the perfect thing to get them around in.

Cat J B said...

Kath, I'll be down at the Yarragon market, which is quite a ways out of Melbourne. We have family down that way, so it's convenient......mum-in-law will look after and spoil the boys for the day. If I do any closer to the city I'll let you know, so you can come and 'bulf' down a few cuppys....ha!

ms lottie said...

Cool! But where, oh where, do you find space for storing such things in your kitchen?! And I'd be happy to bulf down a few too!

Cuggles! Kids said...

Happy Birthday! What a great present! I need one of those. I very much like your blog title - sounds like my life too. Enjoying your blog, thanks for joining mine. I hope you find some like minded thoughts and creations.

Cat J B said...

Well, the carriers are still in their boxes and after sitting in the hallway for 3 days, hubby got jack of it and the only place he could think of to put them was on top of the kitchen cupboards. The cupboards don't go up to the ceiling, the only time I've been glad they don't!

Cuggles! kids, yup, I was taken by the cupcake apron! :)

Momma Such said...

Oh no, I shouldn't have looked at the picture of the chocolate caramel cupcakes! Yummy!!!!!

Happy Birthday! I hope your day was great! What fun presents! It's always good when you get something you can use! :)

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