Saturday, March 30, 2013

Recent karate grading.....and the flu

Think the 'lil guy has the flu.
The ACTUAL flu.
Yup, Dr Google told me that, he fits the symptoms to a tee. Or is it a T?

Poor baby, he's now so congested I can hear him snoring from here in the lounge.
Snotty 'kerchiefs everywhere, much to his older brother's disgust.

And we're going camping again soon, too, being school hols and all. 
Hopefully, he makes a miraculously quick recovery....

Now, the karate grading.

That's him in the foreground, with the brown belt.

It's a white belt class (complete beginners) but he's allowed to wear his brown belt which he gained in the Little Dragons, which is the class for 4-6 year olds. Which he joined when he was 3 and left when he was 4.

Yep, super karate kid that one.

He officially graded to red belt (next belt up from white) while he was still 4. 
He loves it (most of the time) and now has his sparring gear as well. Which he looks pretty funny in, seeing as it's generally sized for 6 yr olds and up. Although he's the youngest, he's not actually the smallest, being that he's a giant of a kid. His little friend  is several months older but about a foot shorter, that's him in the front row in the purple belt.

He looks so little opposite his sensei. 

Ah, a proud mummy moment for sure.

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