Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to make a Trash pack birthday cake

Little Mr R has officially turned 5! 

Given my lack of cake decorating prowess, I sneakily suggested to him that maybe he'd like a trash pack themed birthday cake. Have you heard of trashpacks? 
Little wee collectible rubbery characters in the guise of various types of gross trash/rubbish.

Take one large flat birthday cake. I used my favourite birthday cake recipe,  as always.

Mix up some butter icing, and add enough random colours, plus a little cocoa, to make the icing an icky brown colour.

Make up some green jelly and let it set.

Place a large trash pack bin somewhat off center on your iced cake.

Fill the bin with green jelly and spoon random blobs of jelly onto the cake.

Pile on small handfuls of smarties, and place some jelly snakes strategically around, so they can slide through the trash and slime.

Dot the trash pack characters around and put one or two in the bin.

Let a snake slither out of the bin and sprinkle a few smarties in there too.

See? Not exactly a masterpiece though, but the boys thought it was the best. cake. EVa.
Probably because they got some new trashies out of it, but oh well.

Too easy.

Please 'scuse the very ordinary photography...

And now Mr about-to-turn-8 has requested the same cake, so I get to do it again.

Maybe I'll even get creative and try it with a round cake next time. 

Ooh, livin' on the edge!


Trash pack cake take 2. And no, it's not round.

Here's Mr H's cake, now he's 8, more of the same really.

The icing on this one was tidier, I had a 'complaint' last time that the icing was too thick and gooey, so this time I actually followed my buttercream icing recipe properly and smoothed it on more thinly.

Hmm, less authentically trashy looking perhaps but it appeals to the must have-order-and-everything-tidy side of me.

The bin is full of red jelly instead of green (specific request from turning-8-year-old) and I didn't put jelly on the cake this time.

The jelly on the last cake made the cake soggy in patches after a while, and seeing as I knew not much of the cake would be eaten right away, we left the jelly off to serve separately.

I threw a few clinkers and chocolate covered sultanas on too, more because I had them left over from another project rather than any inherent sense of design, but they work well.

I find the combo of coloured smarties and small rubber characters very appealing, I am just a fan of smarties altogether, they taste great, I love their size and crunch and they make anything that you put them on look snazzy. And they make decorating kids cakes too easy.

Yay for smarties!


ms lottie said...

Eeeww! That icing colour is just gross. But I can see why they loved it. We don't have trashpack over in NZ (yet), so there goes an easy birthday cake. Happy Birthday Mr Five!

Cat J B said...

Haha, wait! Hey, maybe I'll bring your kids some in September...

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