Monday, April 8, 2013

My most favourite-ist gingerbread cookie recipe

My favourite gingerbread cookie recipe came out again recently and the kids got busy making a variety of shapes. 

An update from the original recipe, I now use rapadura instead of plain ol' sugar and I'll either use spelt flour or a gluten free flour mix, both available at my local supermarket these days.

The aim of the game though was to make Captain Cookie, from The Gingerbread Pirates.
I've put a link to the book over in the sidebar if you want to have a look, my two love this book, something about pirates, Santa and food, I suspect.

This little guy was cut with a regular gingerbread man cutter, had one leg amputated and a half toothpick substituted for said leg, his hat was half a round cookie that was mutilated into shape and his classy sword another toothpick. Gotta use what's to hand, right?

Luckily for me, the boys usually get tired of the whole exercise before the decorative icing bit has to be done and are happy to admire their creations sans 'clothes'.

While they're putting on eyes and buttons and trying to create swords, I hurriedly press out the rest of the dough into convenient 'school snack' size cookies.

Did you know you can even make Sponge Bob cookies with this fabulous recipe?
We did ice these guys, I suspect he wouldn't be very recognisable as Sponge Bob if we didn't...

Not sure who this is though...

And I think we even have some ninja shaped cookies lurking in the freezer now.

Best gingerbread cookie recipe ever.

PS. That rapadura link is where I actually buy a few things, rapadura being just one of them.
Honest to Goodness.


Smilie girl said...

Thanks for the inspiration. The boy is happily cutting out lots of interesting shapes. I used rapadura too and it's very tasty.

em + woz said...

Nate is totally into Ninjas and spies so he'd love the Ninja idea! Will have to try it!

ms lottie said...

Yum, yum, yum! Love gingerbread cookies. Kids aren't so fond of them though. They do the old 'like the icing off and leave the rest' trick. I think the little green one is the cutest of the bunch.

Cat J B said...

Sometimes we leave out the ginger and add a splash of vanilla instead, just for a change.

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