Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Latest from my beloved Thermomix

Ok, I've decided to keep my blog mostly as is, there is just too much out there and I know most of it I'll get sick of shortly after I've changed it. I'm a bit of a Plain Jane when it comes to decorating. If you could see my house, ALL of the wall decorations are pics from the kids. So before that, it was just a tad bare. From a trained photographer, that is dismal I know...to be remedied one day in the distant future.....along with actually shooting more than happy snaps again....But for now, it's clouds and I need to shoot me a header pic.

I digress.

Now check out this drool worthy bowl of yum...

Oh my, was it good??

Well, the kids and I ate it straight from the thermomix bowl, despite the fact there is a dirty great sharp four pronged blade in the bottom of the bowl, if that tells you anything, feral mother that I am.

And yes, I made them use spoons so no one lost any digits.

I found this recipe on Quirky Cooking labeled Berry Foam, but the name does not do it justice. Foam reminds me of something scummy on the seashore and Mr 4 asked if he could paint with it in the shower.

He's thinking of, uh, shaving foam..

Which I cover the shower base in and tint blue to get a bit of relief from Mr 4's never ending energy and questioning on a rainy day. Thanks to my older sis, mother of three that she is for that idea.

I'll put the recipe here, as I changed it just a smidge from that which Jo on Quirky Cooking made, and she found it on a forum and changed it just a smidge from the original. (If you want a picture of how this recipe should be presented, please check out Quirky Cooking, Jo is much more civilised than I)

Berry Foam
  • Whiz about 80 grams of rapadura on speed 9 for 20 seconds:
  • Add 300-400 grams of frozen berries or other frozen fruit chopped up. Whiz for 30 secs, speed 9. (I found I had to insert the spatula and help it along as per making sorbet)
  • Insert the butterfly, add 2 egg whites and 2 teaspoons of orange juice and whip for 3 mins on speed 4.

But none left now...


Jo Whitton said...

Ha ha! It's yummy, hey! The orange juice idea is good... I put more Rapadura at first, but we liked it better with less. Definitely doesn't need 150g though!!!

Cat J B said...

I agree, 60-80 grams is all it needs, and less with a really sweet fruit. The oj only went in because I didn't have any lemons, lemon may cut the sweetness a bit and maybe give a bit of zing? It was pretty good as is though!

Kath Lockett said...

Mustnt. Read. This. Blog. Before. I've. Had. Breakfast......

LOVE the shaving cream as paint idea. Sapph used to have soap crayons but the little buggers (the crayons, not Sapph or her bath buddies) would lodge in the grout and stain it.

I wonder if she'd still be interested in 'painting' with Love Chunk's gillette foam....

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