Saturday, March 10, 2012

Someone laid an egg!

No idea who, though the silkies are about two weeks older than the wyandottes, so maybe it was one of them.

And was it in the comfy, cosy little nest boxes, all set up in hopeful anticipation of some egg laying?

No no, we found this one at the side of the brick path. ON the brick path actually.

They only use the nest boxes for sleeping in I think.

Ah well, I'll just be doing a perimeter check every day now, though the perimeter isn't that large so it's not too much trauma. Silly chooks.

Or maybe it's these two clowns that keep them away from their nest boxes...

Hmm, I wonder...?


Hanna said... egg!!!! I would love to have fresh eggs:) THank you so much for your kind, lovely comment on ym blog post last night. I greatly appreciate yout support!! HappY sunday!!!! xooxox Hanna

ms lottie said...

Yay! An egg! That's very cool. I'm betting on one of the wyandottes by the look of the egg - I'm sure silkie's are white. I try and keep my chooks out of the nesting boxes at night so I don't get poop in there and then poopy eggs. For learning chooks I block off the boxes every night and occasionally have to put them all up on the perch when it's dark for about three nights in a row and then they get the idea ;)

Kath said...

Hah! Those 'clowns' probably scared the egg out of them!

Annette Piper said...

I'd be lost without our 3 chooks. They seem to keep our family of 5 very well supplied in eggs!

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

EGGCITEMENT! That's terrific :) And your eggers-on are very cute too :)

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