Sunday, March 25, 2012

Digging up the yard

The hubby was busy today....

Not bad for a guy with this in his shoulder, right?

This happened late last year and he has to have the plate out later on this year.


He was digging out the pittosporums that line a fence on one side of our small front yard.
Beyond the fact they need regular heavy cutting back to keep them a reasonable size, I thought the space might be better utilised growing fruit trees. 
Or maybe that was hubby's idea? Can't remember.

This is what the ground was like once they first came out. Dry, very arid looking and still full of roots.
 Apparently there are water pipes under there somewhere so he can't just go all out digging.

I thought we could put in the mini nectarine trees the boys got two years ago for Christmas, maybe the orange tree that's in a pot, maybe the feijoa that's in a pot and not sure what else. Maybe that will be enough, but there's a fair amount of work to do first.

Speaking of working, we are getting two eggs a day now from our chooks. So exciting!
I think the white silkie and one of the wyandottes are laying, they are somewhat more mature looking now than this photo.

But I'm feeling like the wyandottes are on notice, as they are a wee bit aggressive, they go for the feet of whoever is out there and don't mind giving them a good old peck. I don't go out there barefoot any more and sometimes if I head to the compost bin in the corner of the yard, I turn round to see a small grey chook charging at me wings akimbo.

The boy is very unlikely to sit here watching the chooks like he is here the way the wyandottes are now.

Wondering if I can sell those two (that would be Anakin Skywalker and Penfold) and get 2 more silkies?

Shh, don't say anything to the boys...


sawn48 said...

We have 2 of the same worries this year. Chickens and digging up the yard.We are using bulldozers in the newly purchased woods to the back of our property, and the chickens are having to run free at present,thus causing big problems with my flower beds.

Kath said...

Do it - 'give away' the naughty chickens and get some good old Rhode Island reds - we loved the three we had. They were happy, friendly and good egg layers.

ms lottie said...

Naughty chooks!! Haven't really had that problem, so can't comment (except roosters and there's a good solution for that - axe and oven). Ouchy shoulder xray, glad he's able to use it now.

Hanna said...

Oh my gosh.,...that looks like a lot of work. Thanks for your kind commments on my blog:) I actually shoot all my own photos. I have a remote control and a tripod for my camera. I would drive my husdband insane if I made him do the photography. xoxoxoox Hanna

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