Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Continuing on a Star Wars theme.....Clone trooper costume

The boys got some really cool star wars lego for Christmas: the T6 Jedi Shuttle which I've detailed here if you're interested, the Mandalorian battle pack, Ewok attack, and a beautiful Star Wars Lego mini-figure encyclopedia.

Oh, and two lego Heroica games, which I've written about here if you want to know how much fun they are.

Yup, it was all about Star Wars and Lego in our house two months ago.

So what to do next but decide you want to BE part of Star Wars Lego?

A Clone trooper, specifically.

The headpiece is made from an old style cloth nappy with the appropriate shape cut out of it.
(Didn't tell the boy it was an old nappy or he never would have worn it, bit fussy that way...)

We then cut some black fabric and hot glued it in place behind the cut out section. Wrapped it around his head and pinned it with a big ol' safety pin at the back. As far as being able to see out....well apparently that's not so important.

Add to that your karate duds and a blaster made from clipped together felt pens, and there you have it.

And this one is a snow trooper.....we've graduated to a homemade wooden blaster here...
(Big brother orchestrated this outfit so is giving us a detailed explanation of every piece)

Can't for the life of me remember what version of trooper this one was meant to be....

As I write, lego is all over the lounge floor, on the dining table, on the floor beside Mr 3's bed and lego Han Solo is keeping me company at my computer.

Birthdays are approaching and guess what they're both asking for?

Yep, we are overrun and about to be more so.


ms lottie said...

Very cool. Your comment about birthdays has made me realise I haven't written anyone's on this year's calendar - and I've missed Lou's!! Bad sister.

Kath said...

Clever and cool!

You'll find - as I did growing up in the late 1970s with two Star Wars-mad brothers, that all the geek stuff seeps in somehow and you end up, decades later, kicking serious butt in trivia quiz nights!

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