Sunday, June 12, 2011


I found this poem today, it fits perfectly right now.

My Stillborn Baby Son

I once had a son who now lives with God above,
I never got to know him and I never knew his love,
I once had a son whose heart beat close to mine,
I never knew his beauty for I never got the time,
For my son he was taken before the dawn could break,
He's now sleeping in my heart where his share of love he takes.
When I see my children who now walk here by my side,
There's a sweet image of my son mirrored in their eyes,
When I see a rose bud dropped to the ground too soon,
It reminds me of my baby who was gone before he bloomed,
If God should stand before me and grant me one last wish,
I'd wish my baby in my arms to on his head bestow a kiss.
I know I have my children who to me are very dear,
But there's an empty place within my life for which I shed a tear,
So I question God each day as to why he couldn't stay,
Why my son was given to me then silently taken away,
But I know I have to be patient and wait till I go home,
Then within the grounds of God's heavenly home my son and I will roam

by Heather Pauwels of Calvary Chapel Perth


Louisa said...

Shedding a little tear as I read - but a beautiful, apt poem.

Love you, Louisa

ms lottie said...

It is a beautiful poem. xx

nellymary said...

Such a beautiful poem...and so are yours...I have seen the same pain in my heart aches for you as I read about your nephew was taken far too early as well.....I'll be thinking of you and your family today....take care.

Stacy said...

It's a beautiful poem. I wish no one knew the pain of child loss but I am glad that you are able to find comforting words for your hurting heart. I had two miscarriages and reading, finding support online and discovering stories and poems helped me find a little solace. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to begin to live again after a stillbirth - take strength anywhere you find it and allow yourself to grieve. There is never a time limit and your son will be a part of you forever.

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