Saturday, October 30, 2010

New babies

Baby plants that is.

Seeing as how we'll be staying put here longer than we'd (I'd) planned, I thought I'd try and get as much use out of our small piece of land as I can. While it doesn't need to look will need to when we sell it....I'll have it looking functional instead.

The boys and I have a variety of seedlings to plant out and we have made a start.
But seeing as how this has been the wettest October in Melbourne in 30 years (most of that rain falling yesterday apparently) our planting hasn't got far this weekend.

However, it won't rain forever (surely?) so some of these baby tomatoes will be going in the ground shortly.

Also in the seed tray are seedlings of basil, roma tomatoes, calendula, marigolds and zinnias. Those last three are really for the boys, particularly Mr 5 as he has an affinity for growing flowers at the moment. Though marigolds are supposed to help keep bugs away from the toms, so they'll go in the ground, and a few pots, together.

And an orange tree, to go with the feijoa tree and blueberry bushes...

I've got some spinach in pots and a few seedlings of parsley too, that are holding out against the snails.
I didn't realise how many snails were hiding in the cracks and crevices around here, until a couple of tiny marigolds were sheared off at ground level, the vandals leaving plenty of evidence behind them to let me know who committed that particular crime.

So the boys and I went on a snail hunt a couple of days ago and rousted out about 5 of the slimy critters, which I tossed over the fence and out on to the road. Mr 5 thinks they were landing on the nature strip and heading off happily to a new home. Er, not so.

But during yesterdays continuous deluge the snails were out in force, so I braved the conditions and did a bit more snail tossing. Then a few more when I went out just before dark, and yet a couple more this morning.

Hopefully all of our snails have now found new home.

In snail heaven.


m.e (Cathie) said...

our little ones are enjoying the garden aswell now & eagerly planting & waiting.
we got a rain water tank a couple of weeks ago so we are loving the rain here :)

Kath Lockett said...

'Snail Tossing' - could be a new sport!

Louisa said...

We also snail toss over the fence on to the road where they either crawl away or not depending on what's coming down the road. But there's always one more where that came from...

ms lottie said...

Yay for gardening! My kids are under no illusions as to what happens to snails around here - they're the ones who go feed them to the chickens!

Cat J B said...

Oh, I'd love a rainwater tank! In the next house, definitely.

Snail tossing an olympic sport, hmmm...

Sounds like snail tossing is popular with kids everywhere, lol

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