Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What crappy food does to an 8 year old

My 8 year old son has been a bit of a turd lately at school, culminating in Monday when he was a complete turd. Oh, and he was fairly poopy on Sunday at home too.

Funnily enough, on Saturday afternoon we'd been hanging out with extended family and over the course of about 7 hours, my boy ate 3 pieces of cake (homemade), 1 chocolate 'muffin' (boxed mix), chocolate mousse (boxed mix), store bought ice cream, regular store bought grainy bread, bread made in a breadmaker (from a boxed mix) and a handful of wheat crackers.


Not wanting to be a mean mum ('cos I'd already nixed the soft drink) and ya know, a little bit huge amount won't hurt, right??? And it's hard to be a hard arse when all the adults around them are getting stuck into this kind of food, so I let it go.

But clearly I shouldn't have.......

I've been a bit slack with what he eats lately, giving him ordinary old wheat wraps in his lunch sometimes, the odd tim tam here and there, and the like. Add in birthdays in March and April and all the resulting cake that's been stashed in the freezer and slowly doled out....

Which culminated in the Saturday arvo feast. 

His behaviour had been getting a bit ordinary lately at school, argumentative with the teacher, touchy and grouchy. And then Monday.

I am hoping with a wheat free/refined sugar free/preservative free diet again, things might calm down.
So far so good. I immediately implemented the clean eating on Sunday, bright and sparkly.

He was awful on Sunday at home and Monday at school. Less awful on Tuesday. Apparently less awful again today, but I haven't completely followed that up.

I am HOPING the food is the cause of his turdyness, because otherwise it means he's just being a turd.


ms lottie said...

Hey Cat, I've been meaning to ask for a while and this seems as good a time as ever, could you do a post on kids lunch boxes for school? I'd be interested to see what you feed your little turds - sorry, darlings!

Cat J B said...

Hey girlie, yep, I'll do some school lunch/snack things soon, life has been crazy busy lately but it should calm down a bit soon.....maybe....

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