Thursday, August 4, 2011

My garden

First up, check out the colour of the pumpkins we grew!

All two of them, albeit, one giant one.

I picked up this passionfruit vine at the farmer's market a couple of weeks back, it's still looking for a home though.

And in the seed tray, can you spot the two baby apple trees?

Might need to enlarge it to actually see them...the boys and I saved the seeds from any apples that got eaten for a couple of weeks and planted them about three to what do you call each individual space in a seed tray?.......patch of dirt in the seed tray!

Since this picture, two more have come up.
I have no illusions about how they will grow and whether or not they will produce, but still, it has been kinda cool. We just sat the tray out in the cold and after about 2 weeks the first one came up, about a month later the second one, and at least a month after that, the last two.

And, we've had a strange bird nesting in the garage.

Hmm, wonder what sort of creature will hatch out of those?


m.e (Cathie) said...

i didn't know you could do that with apple seeds. i'd love to know how they go.
as for those eggs..hmmm, let us know what hatches there too ;)

Kath Lockett said...

Whatever birds 'hatch', I'm sure there'll be two pairs of young hands to 'look after' them!

sawn48 said...

Growing up as children, we were very poor.Dad raised a lot of pumpkins among the corn, and we used them for feeding the livestock and for household use. We canned more pumpkin than anything else. It was cheap food and very versatile. Mom was a lot like me when she was young. We both love to experiment with all types of foods,so we ate pumpkin lots of different ways.

m.e (Cathie) said...

hey lovely, just edited my post to add the lolly free bag suggestions. anything goes depending on the kids ages.
next party I think I will do seeds in a little bag for the kids to take home & plant, that would be a good one for you.

happy week to you all ♥

Cat J B said...

Cathie, another one has come up now and I've put them all in slightly bigger pots. Looking good so far.

Kath, yup, two fledgling ornithologists waiting with bated golf clubs, er, I mean breath.

Sawn, I'm not really a big pumpkin eater, looove pumpkin soup but that's about it. They're so fun to grow though!

Cathie, thanks for the answers and on your blog too.

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