Monday, December 7, 2009

Setting up the Christmas Crib

We have a very basic Christmas Crib
(is it called that here, that's what we called it growing up in Kiwiland...)
and it consists of just a few figures that remain from a much larger set.

So the kids and I made a couple of new ones:

This snazzy looking guy is Joseph


And this bright little fellow is the Drummer Boy


Er, without his arms and his drum, which was to be made from a gum nut. Master 4 who was doing the artistic direction (hence the multicoloured punk hair and green leopard duds) does NOT want pipe cleaner arms or a drum. So it will be.

They will soon join the existing crew, see below:


Mary is on the right and Amahl on the left has been standing in for Joseph.


And sometimes they are visited by some other random lady with her baby, her puppy and her pet tiger cub. And a lego knight drops by occasionally too.

Mary and Amahl were made by my mum many years ago and are the perfect solution to crib figures for small children. I think we'll make some new ones every year, as happened when we were kids.

Hmmm, who to make next?
I have a faceless body on my work table awaiting a personality.....


Tanya said...

I love your 'nativity' (??). That drummer boy has a pretty cool outfit!.
Thanks for visiting my blog, yes, I have been productive, am exhausted! Will be extracting agaoin in Autumn so promise will take photos.

Cat J B said...

Oh, it's nativity? For some reason I've been drawing a blank and could only come up with 'crib' from my childhood. I would secretly like to turn my hubby into a beekeeper, so will be watching with interest!

Cat J B said...

Ok, that doesn't make much sense does it? I was referring to Tanya's blog, her menfolk have been extracting honey from hives and next time they do it she'll be there camera in hand :)

ms lottie said...

Oh Mary!! and Amahl!! Oh, amazing - I haven't seen them in soooo long! So where did all the rest of them get to? You'll have to post a tute to let the world know what you can do with toilet tubes ;)

Kath Lockett said...

I love Joseph's blue eyes - they look dreamy!

We had a fairly interesting nativity when Sapphire was a few years younger - Joseph wrapped up in hankies and the baby was a few tissues bunched up and wrapped in sticky tape. Mary was Barbie and mighty fetching she was too.

My favourite Christmas decoration is one my Auntie gave me over twenty years ago: 2 gumnuts sitting on top of each other with two beady eyes glued on, a bit of white fringe for a beard and a tiny santa hat. Classic.

louisalowry said...

I often wondered what happened to those figures that Mum made! Great tradition to carry on. Remember the angels? They were always my favourite - apart from awful,awful Abagail - just read my kids that story!

Cat J B said...

Not sure what happened to the others, I think they fell victim to the cull that was happening when I snagged these. I seem to recall they were all looking a little worse for wear, hence the reason I left the original Joseph.

Omg, Barbie as Mary, that would be funny to see! Kath, we haven't collected many decorations yet, but my fave was sent in a parcel one year....a tiny knitted stocking, (knitted by my mum, I think?) one of many which adorned our childhood tree at some stage.

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